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Colour Mixing Apps

Submitted by colourlock-ae on Sun, 01/13/2019 - 06:56

COLOURLOCK® Colour Mixing Apps

Our new Colour Mixing App is now available for Android and iOS devices (just do a search for COLOURLOCK in the store or follow one of the links below).

The COLOURLOCK® Colour Watch is helpful with determining recipes for most of our automotive leather colours and mixing them precisely to the gram. You can browse more than 1000 recipes from ALFA ROMEO up to VOLVO.

A piece of advice for our customers who have been working with our colours for a long time: The recipes contain five luminous colours (yellow, green, orange, pink and red) as well as five new basic colours (azure blue, blood red, golden yellow, tangerine and tar) which may have to be ordered in addition. They have become necessary for maintaining all colour recipes low in metamery.

Have a lot of fun experimenting and mixing!

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